Friday, 22 April 2011

Forest Hill Beers

I should have got some work done today but it was such a fine morning that I thought I'd take advantage of the quieter roads on my ''ride every road'' travels.  Just passing Tintern Street, off Ferndale Street, SW4 I noticed a very faded sign on the side road so, as I had a camera on me, I stopped to take a photo.  Nothing spectacular


However, it was only when I looked 90 degrees to the right that I saw this...

I didn't know that there had ever been such a company but, apparently, they were swallowed up by Whitbread in the 60s.  I wonder whether they ever made a Perryv Ale.  Looking back at Google's street view, it's clear that the sign has been recently and carefully restored.  This is how it looked before:

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