Monday, 1 March 2010

(Very) faded London.

I managed to find the marker of the old boundary between Kent and Surrey the other day in Plough Street. Though it's not the original marker, it serves as a reminder how boundaries shift over time. Today, estate agents consider the St Pauls part of Deptford as Greenwich and, in a previous post I noted how what was once Deptford Common and Deptford Cemetery are now Brockley, and on another front, the big blue sign greeting travellers when they get to Deptford Bridge reads ''Welcome to Lewisham.'' And what was once known as Hatcham now only persists in street and building names but no longer as a district. In fact, I don't know where the boundaries of Hatcham used to be before they got swallowed up by New Cross. Anyhow, I managed to spot an old, very faded, wall advert above the now-closed corner shop on Camplin Street and Egmont Street. As they're just behind Hatcham Park Road, I'll risk saying that it's in Hatcham.At the bottom, the word BREAD is legible though none of the upper part is still visible. Maybe someone somewhere will know what it once said - or depicted - I get the impression that there are traces of a picture but this is probably a trick of the brickwork lines.

And here's another robin being exceptionally possessive of a Greenwich Park Litter bin. The plucky wee fellow was only about 4 foot away from me but definitely didn't want me coming any closer. Robins have their boundaries too...Our peripatetic cryptologist, CarolineLD, has paid a visit and pointed out the letters DAREN leading diagonally downward - I've reposted a detail, in B&W with a shade more contrast. It looks a little more visible to me that way.


CarolineLD said...

Looking at the enlarged photo, there seems to be writing descending diagonally down to the word 'bread'. From what I can make out of the letters, I'd guess it's Daren - they had a number of these wall ads including one in Peckham.

CarolineLD said...

(If it helps, the D is level with the top of the window to the left and the N is next to the word 'bread'.)

Marmoset said...

Good spy work, Caroline! It took me a while to see it but now I can make out the shadow work on the left-bottom sides of the letters. I'll post a detail in black and white - it seems clearer to me that way.

BobFromBrockley said...

Not something faded, but relevant to your first example.

At the back of the back field of Goldsmiths College can be found an old Kent/Surrey boundary marker. However, this must have been moved there from elseehere, because I don't think the border ever went though there.

Marmoset said...

My first reaction is to agree - apart from a short foray into Deptford, I thought Kent stayed on the west side of the Creek/Ravensbourne. But I'll have a look at old maps to check.

By the way, is the backfield open to the public - just wondering if a quick look-see would be possible?

Samantha said...

Well,It took me more than 4 minutes before I have seen the letters..What are all those letters stand for?I was quite curious with the letters..And there is also a letter "D" near the letter "N"..I guess so..

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