Thursday, 3 September 2009


I grew up with lots of bomb shelter signs around - I even remember a fire warden sign painted on the outside of a house in Langdale Road, SE10. But gradually they've disappeared with the passing of time. I've no idea how many remain in the area but I thought I'd photograph these before they disappear.

The one above is at the High Street end of Frankham Street in Deptford and I guess it might have been indicating Tidemill School - though that is a bit more than 50 yards.

And this one is in Speedwell Street, also just off the High Street - I didn't even know it was there until today.

And on Ladywell Railway bridge this one is still visible:


Deptford dame said...

Caroline has a few on her site, as do I, but they are mostly the obvious ones. You might also want to try Faded London, it's quite inspirational although largely focussed on the south west of the capital. Funny enough I too noticed the sign on Speedwell Street the other day for the first time!

SE8KER said...

Have you noticed the one by the Deptford Project? See

Marmoset said...

Hi there, Se8ker, no, I haven't seen that one yet. I did manage to pick up a photo of one up at the top of Jerningham Road in New Cross though. That reminds me, I must upload it....

It's really astonishing how something you see for years and years - I went to Aske's in the days before they'd dreamt of CTCs or Academies - becomes so seen you no longer see it. A kind of imprinted blindness.