Saturday, 10 October 2009

Spider flight?

I know it's a bad photo but I'm hoping that it'll still be there tomorrow when I've had time to figure out how to focus my camera manually - this will mean RTFM!!

Meanwhile, it's that time of year when spiders become hyperactive. This one appears to have been very busy inventing the gossamer propeller right outside my front door. It's pretty effective for catching flies - but will it fly?

Update: Nah, the bottom part of the web was missing yesterday morning. The spider was still there, finishing off one of those fake-wasp drone thingies. Today, there are only a couple of strands. My spider has either taken off for newer pastures or been plucked off its web by a passing bird with a big appetite.


Marmoset said...

Not understanding spider writing, I had to wander off to Babel fish to get a quick approximate translation - I suppose I should have guessed from the letters SM that it might not be related to zoology...

The H な person wife た ち の public relations field, shears り cuts っ た pays き gathers い も certainly OK! The desire 満 の エ ロ person wife た ち を good み に does not gather わ せ て ご Shao to lie between し ま す. Namely meets い, the young な wife, セ レ ブ, the ripe female, the SM wife, the secret, above 6 つ の ジ ャ ン ル か ら You んで the み た い female を to elect ん でく だ さ い

Still, I'm not much the wiser for all babel's assistance.

サイドビジネス said...


Marmoset said...

I guess I should delete this nonsense.

on 1st 50,000 円 ~ が hands に enter る サ イ ド ビ ジ ネ ス の ご in the document です. The male crazy い の セ レ ブ female は ネ ッ ト で knows り gathers っ た male を々 に Jin のli the で food い to disperse ら か し て い ま す. そ ん な feminine を hand jade に と っ て Jin dynasty を crops い で み ま せ ん か