Monday, 27 September 2010

Serving red herrings since 1770

This seems to be a local Greenwich speciality - backdating heritage.

The new fish and chip shop on the one-way system in Greenwich has only been open for months at most.  And yet they claim to have been serving fish since 1770.

No they haven't!  ''Established 2010'' has less of a ring about it though.  I wonder where they got the idea....

Established 2009, I believe.  They do do a beer that might taste like a beer would have done when there actually was a brewery nearby but I might as well claim to have be living in an Anglo-Saxon house because there might have been Anglo-Saxons around on the same site as where I live.


Anyhow, here's a house martin's nest under the eaves of a Greenwich South Street house

This nest was established shortly after the last ice age.  Fact!


And here's a photo of the film props in the Old Naval College.  I'm only posting it because security tried to stop me taking photos.  I'm not sure how you can privatise sight in a tourist centre.  Perhaps it's been like that since 1717.  Or was it 1770?

But I suppose if you're not allowed to take photos, it makes this a pirated image, which seems perfectly appropriate under the circumstances.

This Creek Road tree's determination not to give up has long been a sort of encouragement for me.  But I noticed today that despite its regrowth, it might not be long for this world as the bark has dropped and the wood underneath is rotten.  Because it's been like a personal symbol for me, I found this saddening.


CarolineLD said...

Perhaps it's time for a new blog header - 'Established 1734' or similar!

Marmoset said...

He he, how do you like the new sub heading ''Serving nonsense on this site since 1844*

*18:44 being the time I did it....

Sue said...

Well said, Marmoset, I saw that shop front last week and thought, bleedin'eck, wot a had better be bloody good fish and chips. I liked the idea of the 'British' fish, but how can you believe them? Perhaps you should go along and check it out, both the fish supper and whether there is any basis in their claim? Perhaps there was a fish stall in the market way back when...

I had not, however, noticed the Brewery's rewriting of history... it's becoming quite the thing (if it wasn't always)...You missed a great 'lecture' or two by the Museum of Curiosity at DX2010 this weekend which did the same thing.

Love the new subhead...