Friday, 1 October 2010

Where are these?

Instead of saying where these are, I wondered if anyone could pinpoint these, or work out roughly where I'd been cycling on yesterday's lovely autumn afternoon.

 Location 1: Cycle and Motor Works

 Location 2: Plumber, ''...& Hot Water Engineer, Carpenter, Decorating...'' and ''The House Shop and ...''
(all three taken from the same spot)
 Location 3:  ''Sharon''
Location 4: ''John Campion, Merchant Tailor, Hosiery and Boys Outfitter''
                    ''Broadway House, for Clothing Hosiery Hats, Boys Outfitting''


Sebastien Ardouin said...

No time to day to write about the different signs, but here are a few answers:
1: Stanstead Road (
2: Catford Road, just west of the railway bridges (
4: Rushley Green. Broadway House is opposite the town hall.

Marmoset said...

So, just location 3 you didn't instantly know, S├ębastien ;-) It's a little further south on the Bromley Road, just where the Old Bromley Road forks off. I've got a couple more (Peckham, Brixton, Camberwell) so I'll upload them once I notice a sign I didn't know about. Or I'll put the Stepney Green ''Daren'' up because a) it's so well preserved; and b) I managed to delete the last photo I took of it before I could upload it.