Saturday, 16 October 2010

Bicycle Quoits, Onions and various fadeds.

Bicycle quoits looks like a fun game.  Does anybody know the rules?


In the middle of this extensive cyclepath, by College Road, Dulwich, the council have thoughtfully provided a bin with a place to stub your cigarettes out.  I admit to liking the occasional roll up but I can usually cover that kind of distance without having to light up.

(On the positive side, though, it will protect you from colliding with the lamp post.)


There was even a man in a beret selling onions and garlic outside this rather busy shop in Lordship Lane today.  Wow, I thought, a genuine French Onion seller!  Well, the writing and the prices are French so he may well have come over from Brittany but that bike hasn't gone anywhere for a long time to judge by the flat tyres...shame, really, I preferred the illusion.


I spotted a few faded signs around the west end of Lordship Lane a while ago and remembered to bring my camera with me went I passed by today.  This one is on the corner with Blackwater Road.

And not far away on Pellatt Road, just off the north side of Lordship Lane, there's this one
Below, a pretty well-known one from Stepney Green on an earlier day's ride.  I've uploaded it simply because it's the best-preserved sign I know of around here.

You get to spot some strange things when you're exploring the  [snigger, snigger] back routes.  This is something I saw while I was behind [ahem!] Daren...


John said...

Marmoset, you're so ungrateful! Those bollards were installed for you to slalom. People try and liven up your cycle ride and all you can do is complain!

Marmoset said...

Oh, so that's what it is! It didn't look downhill enough for slalom to me, but I live and learn. My apologies to Lambeth Council (I think it was Lambeth) for criticising your good work. Is this going to be in the 2012 Olympics?

CarolineLD said...

Yep, with ticket prices from £20-£250!