Sunday, 15 August 2010

The best brown bread made from da mental vaporz

A couple of random ''faded'' photos.  Here's one of the many Daren bread bakery adverts, this time in Daneville Road, SE5, Camberwell.  It's just occurred to me that, going back to my childhood, I have absolutely no memory of Daren bread yet these painted adverts have been up all that time.

As ever, you try to make out the words.  I've no idea about the text above DAREN.  And almost invariably, you find deciphering the words is made harder by different layers.  So this is all I can make out:

Made from......

And here's one in Bermondsey, as you might have guessed. (It's in Tanner Street, SE1)
The left-hand side of the frontage has long-since disappeared.  Was it IRON & WIRE WORKS?  ...CKLE & Co.?
And a curiosity: something that was once internal but is now external, made with some fairly hefty metalwork. 
My first thoughts were that it was an oven within a now-disappeared building.  But the three partitions above the iron doors, what were they for?  And to add to my perplexity, the upper part doesn't appear to join up with the chimney.  So maybe it's not an oven after all.  I couldn't see a street name and have forgotten the name of the adjacent street.  But it's on a dog-leg dead-end street off Arthur Street.  There's no name marked on google maps and as it's a bit off-road, there's no street view.  This is the closest I could get from street view - the air-extractor to the left is visible here

Here's two side-by-side window bays in Barnham Street, SE1. I can't decipher the one on the left and the one on the right appears to say J ROOM  - but suspect there may be two layers.

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