Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Famous last words....

Two weeks ago, while returning over Tower Bridge after a spot of two-wheeled exploring, I noticed that there was a lot of mudlarkery going on on the shore of the Thames below the Tower.

I wrote at the time:

Surprising that it's possible to dig up artefacts at such a shallow depth in the heart of London.  I would have thought that they'd all have been whisked away  many years ago.

And what do I see this morning?  A story on the BBC website about a  rare find:

A linked article from the East London Advertiser  confirms that this mediaeval roof finial was found on that very shore by a mudlark.  Experts at the Museum of London believe that the finial, which would have adorned the ridges of roof tiles around the 12th or 13th Century, was made near Woolwich.

I like the thought that back in the middle ages Woolwich was producing articles that adorned the roofs of the city.  Sceptics, though, might see it as a forerunner of the garden gnome....

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