Thursday, 19 August 2010

A little follow up to ''I was right about the saddle''

I recently posted up an old Yellow Pages advert that someone found on Youtube, part of which had been filmed under the Point and on Maidenstone Hill.  Darryl, over at 853  posted a comment with a link to a more recent appearance of Maidenstone Hill on TV.  This time it was a BBC Christmas identity used in 2006 and 2007 - it starts at 5:56 on here

So alongside Maidenstone Hill in 2010

and Yellow Pages' faux-nord depiction, complete with mocked-up corner shop
I can now add a surprisingly wintery version
Earlier clips show a giant snowball being pushed up the streets.

Screenshot (at 6:01):
Yesterday (Trinity Grove looking onto Dutton Street, Maidenstone Hill behind):
This screenshot (6:03) had me fooled for a while
Until I reversed the image

and made it match up with this
Even standing on tiptoes I can't get as high up as a film crew can so you'll have to imagine cherry-picking about 30 foot higher and looking down.  The POV of the camera is just about opposite from the Trinity Grove photo above.  The chimney pot changes from background to foreground.

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